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Epiphany Episcopal Chicago


Epiphany Episcopal Chicago

Epiphany is a vibrant, growing community of faith serving the Near West Side. We are a multi-faceted diversity of God’s People living and working in this crossroad of four very different Chicago neighborhoods. We worship, serve, and thrive in a broad cross section of economic status, race, ethnicity, national origin, education, sexual orientation, gender identification, and age in this rapidly changing urban intersection.

Since our community is characterized by diversity, we are committed to applying our different passions and resources for mission and ministry in the community surrounding Epiphany. Through our acts of worship, we seek to enact the relationships of healing and wholeness that we seek in our every day lives. We worship to celebrate God’s grace and to make ourselves ready to experience and affirm the divine presence in creation which empowers us to be a Spirit-filled community of transformation.    

We hope that under the guidance of God’s Spirit we may always transform the world as we are continually transformed by God’s grace. Explore our site to discover the many ways in which we strive to participate with God in the renewal of our hearts, souls, and the world around us. 

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