United States: 323.604.6030

Escape Portland

One of the best gay/lesbian/bi nightclubs in Portland, or so I’ve heard. It’s located on the corner of Stark St. and Park Ave. Cover charge is $7 dollars on Fridays, and $10 on Saturdays, plus a $1 coat-check-fee.

It’s largely a techno-ish club, though it does play some hip-hop. Still, most of the times, the hip-hop songs were techno mixes.

There’s a colorful variety of people (and sexualities) that attend the Escape, as easily witnessed the minute you come to the door. If you are homophobic or judgemental along those lines to any extent, I would most definitely NOT recommend this club for you.

Just be sure to keep an open mind, and don’t forget your deodorant, as it does tend to get searingly hot out on the dance floor, and just about everyone who dances for any length of time ends up fairly covered, if not drenched, in sweat.