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Eucalyptus Gardens Fort Lauderdale

Come inside to a wondrous new world, where your day can be transformed to a relaxing and fun filled mini get away. There are so many sights to behold, new experiences just around the corner and something new coming almost every day. It truly is a community that cares for the world around us, the foods we eat, animals and enjoying what life has to offer.

Come relax in the hammock or bring something to read in the quiet corner. You will want to keep coming back!

We also offer an amazing space for events. Please call or use the contact form for more information.A family day destination! Our retail market includes Organic Produce shop, Smokey Jones BBQ Cafe , Yoga, and Doggie Play currently OPEN! —Coming 2013–Beer and Wine Micro Brewery, Gourmet Paws Cafe, Sugar Plum Sweet Shop, and More!!