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F6ix Night Club San Diego

From the innovative development and management team, RMD Group, comes the newest addition to downtown San Diego. F6ix is an upscale hip-hop nightclub venue that brings a new beat to san diegos downtown nightlife scene.

Located at F Street and Sixth Avenue, F6ix’s modest entrance features a staircase that descends to reveal the hidden gem below. The 6,000 square-foot electrifying venue, designed by notable San Diego hospitality and design team, Ocio Design Group, glows with rich colors and emanates hip-hop beats. Once below street level, the movement and energy of F6ix comes to life with metallic, mirrored and wood textures interacting with the artfully designed lighting system by SJ Lighting Inc. Soft blues, pinks and reds illuminate the venue, setting the mood to coincide with the beats pumping out of the nightclubs impressive sound system. F6ix’s subterranean location gives it an enigmatic feel, yet has just the right edge to make it the perfect place to let loose.

The heart and soul of the club is the prominently positioned DJ booth with stage, positioned to highlight the local DJ talent that will spin top hip-hop beats, both past and present. The spacious dance floor is situated perfectly to radiate the energy of the crowd and draw people down to dance. Plush bi-level bottle service tables line the perimeter of the venue and provide prime vip real estate for club goers with ample room for lounging, drinking and dancing, with easy access to hit the dance floor. The main bar, with a mirrored grid and fluctuating lights, offers a vast selection of signature cocktails and spirits to get the party going.


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Magnum Sundays w/LB1 & Slowhand
F6ix Night Club, San Diego
Magnum Sundays w/DJ Scooter
F6ix Night Club, San Diego