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Fair Park Food & Fiber Pavilion Dallas


Fair Park Food & Fiber Pavilion

The Food & Fiber Pavilion is one of several buildings in Fair Park that opened during the 1936 Texas Centennial Celebration. Originally, it was the venue at which visitors admired agricultural exhibits. Today, its 25,000 square feet of space plays host to exhibits and events of many different styles, including gala charity benefits and antique shows. During the State Fair of Texas, the building is the ultimate showcase of all foods Texan. The noted Italian artist Hector Serbaroli produced the glorious murals inside the pavilion’s porticoes. These paintings were restored to their original beauty in 2007.

You’ll find the Food & Fiber Pavilion between Washington and Nimitz avenues, across from the Embarcadero Building.

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Kaskade (6/19/2010) @ Fair Park Food & Fiber Pavilion
Fair Park Food & Fiber Pavilion, Dallas