United States: 212-947-9662

Falucka Lounge New York

photo provided by Oscar Perez

Adds a worldly touch to an otherwise rowdy stretch of NYU brew bars.

Leather banquettes and ottomans, stained glass lamps and rose petals scattered on the table: Wait, is this Bleecker Street or the Cairo Bazaar? This Middle Eastern-themed club offers a leisured reprieve from a block known better for its mob scenes than its martinis. The spacious bar draws a genial, good-looking crowd of West Village professionals, baseball-capped undergrads and pleasantly surprised accidental tourists.

Guest DJs spin Medina-flavored fusion along with house and techno, and belly dancers stop in for a twirl, often accompanied by live percussionists. The house cocktails are strong and sweet, with a French martini topping the list. When the bar’s hosting a hookah night, you can sample apple tobacco from those famous tall water pipes.

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