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Fat Tuesday Bayside Miami

In the early 1980’s David Briggs, Jr. began evaluating opportunities within the restaurant and bar business. Briggs quickly noted the dislike that most establishments had for frozen drinks, as they were complicated to mix and they slowed down customer service. The frozen drinks that were available were of inferior quality, limited in selection and sold at a premium price. Everything that consumers wanted was missing – Selection, Service, Quality and Value! Taking this information to heart, Briggs set out to revolutionize the frozen drink business by developing a variety of premium frozen drink products that could be prepared in a consistent manner.

New Orleans Original Daiquiris
Armed with a menu of over 20 unique frozen drink offerings, Briggs introduced the frozen specialty drink concept to the world by opening the first New Orleans Original Daiquiris unit in Hammond, Louisiana on January 3, 1983. This concept focused on the sale of frozen specialty drinks at locations that provided a casual, conversational atmosphere. The enthusiastic acceptance of the frozen specialty drinks by such a broad customer base dictated that the concept should be expanded. Within the year, several other locations were developed in the New Orleans market, including one in the most dynamic drinking hub of the world – Bourbon Street! From that location the staff experimented with different flavors by offering free samples to unsuspecting tourists. New Orleans Original Daiquiris is now a regional chain with 29 locations throughout Southeast Louisiana.

Fat Tuesday
Fat Tuesday, a sister concept of New Orleans Original Daiquiris, was launched in 1984 with the opening of the first retail unit in Atlanta, Georgia. Fat Tuesday units generally have fun food items to complement the featured frozen specialty drinks. The Fat Tuesday concept has grown into an international phenomenon with over 20 retail units throughout the United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Honduras in cities such as Miami, Key West, Las Vegas, Cozumel, San Juan and Roatan. The Fat Tuesday concept has proven to be marketable in all types of environments and it has few demographic and geographic boundaries.

Fat Tuesday Drink Mixes
Another significant achievement in the history of the company was the development of the Fat Tuesday Premium Drink Mix line of specialty drink mixes concentrates. In order to maintain consistency from location to location as the company expanded, Briggs needed a proprietary line of drink mix concentrates that duplicated the one of a kind recipes in his frozen drink library. The company worked diligently with a noted Midwest company to develop the unique formulas and the Fat Tuesday Premium Drink Mix line was introduced in 1990. Each flavor is packaged using an innovative aseptic processing system that affords an extended shelf life when the mixes are stored unrefrigerated at room temperature. They are made with real fruit juices and purees and the quality is second to none.

Commercial On-Premise Division
Following the development of the line of Fat Tuesday Premium Drink Mixes, Briggs introduced the Commercial On-Premise Division that specialized in the sale of Fat Tuesday Premium Drink Mixes to other on-premise venues. He was able to partner with restaurants, casinos, stadiums, resorts, national chain accounts and even the “mom and pops” of the world to recreate the Fat Tuesday experience in their venues and show how delicious frozen drinks made with Fat Tuesday Premium Drink Mixes can impact sales. Having the Fat Tuesday line of mixes also allowed Briggs to add home consumers to his customer base through online sales of Fat Tuesday Mixes and other branded items via his Fat-Tuesday.com website.

Fat Tuesday Beverage Market
The Company embarked on a new venture in 2008 aimed at meeting the needs of the discerning home consumer. The specialty beer, wine and spirits categories had exploded but many of these consumers were now entertaining at home due to the uncertain economy. The Fat Tuesday Beverage Market was developed to meet these needs and it was positioned as “Your Daiquiri, Beer, Wine and Spirits Headquarters”. The first location opened in February 2008 in Covington, Louisiana and it offers quality frozen New Orleans Original Daiquiris, unique wines at a great value, an expansive beer selection, a comprehensive spirits selection, and many other complimentary products related to the beverage segment .