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Figmint Restaurant and Lounge Vancouver


Figmint Restaurant and Lounge

FigMint’s contemporary inspired design includes three distinctive areas showcasing cuisine built from European standards, using the freshest local ingredients.

We wanted to create a restaurant that would offer guests a variety of different dining experiences, with elements of style that would support the menus built for each area.

FigMint’s design will display the impressive use of clean lines, and attention to detail in a space that has one of the most impressive cityscape views in Vancouver. Design features that represent this approach will include the colossal white quartz Bar in the Lounge, the warm relaxed textures in our Middle Room, and the custom booths in the Dining Room that line the windows on West 12th and Cambie Street.

FigMint’s space has been designed with a style of functionality: with three distinct areas offering a variety of menus to suit the style of dining for each room:

FigMint Lounge evokes an atmosphere designed with a social vibe. With soundscapes from our contemporary music program our guests will enjoy handcrafted drink selections, an approachable Sommelier Designed Wine List, and a small and share plate lounge menu, while joining friends and business associates.

Middle Room styled for dining and socializing in a warm and comfortable setting will have elements of style from both the Lounge and the Dining Room menus. An area that will also be perfect for a group or party function.

FigMint Dining Room is the culinary canvas for Chef Lee Humphries. A room built for structure, our guests will be offered a menu that is built from the bounty of local ingredients, and the foundation of European standards in cuisine.

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