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First Congregational Church San Francisco


First Congregational Church

As followers of Jesus, First Congregational Church of Bakersfield, United Church of Christ encourages and invites all to join our church family on our faith journey. We accept diversity and support individual spiritual growth. We seek to do Gods work in service of the local and global community.

Paul says in Romans 12 that Christian people live in the world as it is, but it is our unique place to transform ourselves in faithfulness to a world yet to come. All people in the church have abilities that they are called to use in the mission Christ accepted for himself and now sets before us: to embody in our place and time Gods way of holy love. To such a life we covenant.

We gather in worship as a believing community to hear the gospel, to sing, pray and receive the sacraments. Worship stands at the heart of the church, between our gathering and our scattering as Gods people. Worship prepares us to go into the world as re-formed people.

We enthusiastically accept Jesus calling to be witnesses in the world to the love that was in him. Such a witness, in action and in word, is the basis for programs that reach into the community. Our goal is to equip all members, with their unique gifts, to witness to Gods love, peace and justice.

We develop our faith at church, at play, in the family and at work. This is both our joy and responsibility. The Bible, faith tradition, preaching, teaching, other church members, and Gods spirit are among our resources. We will bring to children, youth and adults at every stage of development a progressive faith foundation and a community that is welcoming, safe and empowering.

We seek for others to join us in praise and service to Christ. For while our congregational life brings us energy and joy, the congregation does not exist for itself alone. We are one expression of Gods spirit at work in the world. We affirm our part in the life of the U.C.C. and the larger ecumenical community.

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