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Flabbys Schnitzelburg Louisville Metro


Located at the corner of Hickory and Lydia Streets in Germantown, Flabby’s has been serving the Schnitzelburg community for over 50 years. Schnitzelburg is 14 blocks southeast of downtown Louisville, a triangular neighborhood considered part of the greater Germantown area. It is bounded by Goss Avenue, Shelby Street, and Clarks Lane, what was then the county line. The evolution of the neighborhood name has several explanations. One story claimed that the area was known as the final destination on the trolley car loop. Some say the name was derived from the song “Schnitzelbank” which was loudly sung in the local taprooms and political athletics clubs. Other accounts claim that the name evolved from the translations of the word “schnitzel” (meaning to cut), one of which referred to the residents’ inclination toward woodworking and carpentry while another claimed that the word referred to the areas popular fried meat dish.

From the 1850’s into this century, local taverns were traditional neighborhood fixtures for the local working man. Patrons would buy a tin pail “stack” or “growler” of beer and carry them home, or send children to fetch a pail for the family’s refreshments.

The ethnic German-American pride was reflected in the polish of shotgun and camelback cottages, neatly swept, manicured, and whitewashed.

Flabby’s evolved from a grocery store, Heinz’s, operated on this site. In 1952, Jim “Flabby” Devine established his family operated business. He was a bricklayer by trade. In this 1890 building, food was prepared in the resident kitchen upstairs and sent down by “dumbwaiter” to the downstairs barroom. Flabby’s Famous Crust Chicken quickly became a favorite weekend attraction. Lines formed on weekends out the door and around the corner. Customers could also cash a paycheck, debate politics, or handicap horses. For over 40 years the Devine family carried on this local landmark. In continuous operation, the Haner/Mazzoni family became proprietors in 2000. The family invites you to join us.

If you are in the area, stop on by. We would love to have you !!!