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Fluid Ultra Lounge San Francisco

Relax in style and sophistication at Fluid Ultra Lounge
for Happy Hour every Wednesday through Friday.

FLUID is a celebration of elegance beauty and excitement. Boasting one of a kind, computer controlled walkway and a bar which can create infinite colors and patterns, the space is unforgettable the moment you walk in.

The corridor glows with undulating colored lights and runs right alongside the glowing bar. A beautiful, young crowd dresses mostly in black, the contrast against all those glowing surfaces making them all the easier to ogle.

The cocktails are deliciously made – Their Pink Cadillac made from amate tequila, fresh lime juice, grand marnier and cranberry glows brightly under the lights, and the equally-colourful Fluid Martini – a ketel citroen vodka, fresh lemon juice and layered blue curacoa mix – is up with the best and as blue as the eyes of that babe by the bar.

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Imperial Saturdays (4/28/2012) @ Fluid Ultra Lounge
Fluid Ultra Lounge, San Francisco
Saturday Nights (1/28/2012) @ Fluid Ultra Lounge
Fluid Ultra Lounge, San Francisco