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Fly Bar Milwaukee


With a giant fly buzzing just above the entrance, it’s pretty hard to miss this nightclub on Milwaukee’s South Side. Set just across the street from La Fuente, Fly Bar opened in May 2003 and is a perfect compliment to the growing Walker’s Point district. “I wanted it to feel like you’re on vacation,” explains Roman Torres, owner and designer of Fly Bar. Hardwood floors, exposed brick walls, stained-glass artwork and an impressive lit-glass bar make for a look that’s both stylish and contemporary.

The lower level, dressed with deep red hues and low lighting, offers partygoers a more intimate space to talk with the special someone they might have met on the ground-level dance floor. Geared toward trendy 20-somethings, the music is a mix of house music, including Bangin’ House, ElectroClash and Uplifting Vocal House.