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Flying Cloud Cafe Atlantic City


Flying Cloud Cafe

When the Flying Cloud was launched in 1851, she was described as a “ship destined to make a new era in shipping all over the world.” The ships’ proportions were awesome: 1,783 tons, 229 feet in length, 21.5 in depth, 41 feet in width. She attained speeds up to 15.5 knots and achieved 374 nautical miles in a 24 hour period. Almost a quarter of a century would pass before any steamship could even match the pace of the Flying Cloud. With Joshiah Perkins Creesy, “Perk” to his friends, as Captain and Eleanor Creesy his wife who served as navigator, the Cloud set a record that has never been surpassed UNDER SAIL. (the record was not surpassed until 1989 by a computerized sailing ship) The poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was so enchanted by her, he returned again and again to watch her being built. He described her launching on April 15, 1851 in one of his poems. In 1851, She went ashore on the Beacon Island Bar. St. Johns was condemned and sold her for copper & mental fastenings.

A replica of the Flying Cloud is here at Historic Gardner’s Basin until the early 1980’s, which is how the restaurant got its name.