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Forty Deuce Los Angeles


Ivan Kane, owner of “deep” on the legendary corner of Hollywood and Vine and “Kane” on Melrose, has been dubbed by The New York Times as the “night-life guru” of Hollywood.

Mr. Kane has embarked on his newest, sexiest, most glamorous brainchild: Forty Deuce

What separates Mr. Kane from other club owners in town, and around the country, for that matter, are his visionary ideas and vanguard approach to the nightlife business, creating new clubs with a strong concept and executing them with an acute attention to detail, from music to dancers to design, and everything in between. Mr. Kane’s new place, a very exclusive lounge with so much more, is no exception.

Designed to evoke a “back-alley, striptease lounge,” emphasis on the “tease,” the ambience is unlike anything found in L.A. With a radical departure from traditional bar/lounge design, this venue features vintage brass registers, a low bar with lounge chair seating and cocktail tables with small, seductive lamps creating a sexy, sleazy, smoky vibe. Lose yourself in the world of Bond, James Bond, as you witness the back bar, a pyramid of cocktail glasses and aperitifs, hydraulically lower into the stage and disappear before each show.

The femme-fatales perform their striptease on a runway behind the sunken bar, backed by a curtain of thousands of pearls…..as well as using the bar as a runway – so watch your martinis! Do not be confused – these are not the strippers of modern day strip clubs, but trained, professional dancers, doing long, slow strips from an era gone by, when erotic dance was an art form. All tease and seduction, flirtation and coy sensuality, a sashay down the runway a la Gypsy Rose Lee, these saucy strips start with the gloves and stop just short of a raid . . .
leaving you wanting more, hoping for more, imagining more.

Accompanying each striptease is a live three-piece bump and grind combo; stand-up bass, drum kit and wailing sax, playing that sexy, old-school stripper music. In between each act, a disc jockey plays an eclectic mix of groovy music filtered through a state-of-the-art sound system.

Mr. Kane’s follow-up to “deep” and “Ka maintains the essential elements that have made his other two clubs such huge successes. Sexuality, booze, girls . . . with just the right amount of class and taste. An upscale, affluent crowd trying to get past the tuxedoed doorman behind the velvet rope.

Forty Deuce – where it all stops just short of a raid.

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