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Ft Armistead Park Baltimore


Fort Armistead Park is a beautiful 50 acre park at the mouth of the Patapsco River. It was built in 1896 and named for Major George Armistead who commanded Fort McHenry during the British bombardment in the famous Battle of Baltimore in the war of 1812. The fort never saw action, and was abandoned by the military in 1923. Although it saw some use as a storing ground during World War II, it was returned to the city in 1947, and turned into a public park.

The park features a long stretch of waterfront, a fishing pier, and wooded areas. Between the woods and the beach is an array of parking areas which Starscape uses for its various stages. Whereas many festivals use fields for their staging areas, which can be destroyed or become a mess in inclement weather, Starscapes use of these lots allows for a flat clean surface on which to enjoy the entertainment. As for the fort, the only surviving element of the original use is an extensive concrete bunker now hidden in a thicket of trees, which now serves Starscape as the Lost World VIP area.

Fort Armistead is also located at the foot of the Key Bridge, which provides an amazing backdrop as night falls. But perhaps the most loved feature among Starscape attendees is the view of the sunrise over the Chesapeake Bay, as thousands gather in the morning on the western shore of the park to watch the sunrise bring the event to a close.