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Fume Blanc Commodore San Francisco

Imagine vacationing in a beautiful grand house, walking to your third-story window, and looking out into all the majesty of the San Francisco Bay: the Golden Gate Bridge, the San Francisco skyline, a surrounding splendor of blue. If you look a little further out you might even see Cable Cars, Postcard Row, and the floating mystery of Alcatraz Island. Take a trip aboard our Fume Blanc SF Yacht and you won’t have to do all that much imagining. An aquatic ride with us can make that grandeur quite real.

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Tickets Starting From175.00

For the 5th year in a row, the Fume Blanc Commodore is sailing away to a beautiful start during this New Year's Eve - and you can be part of the experience! Slip on your flapper attire and hop onboard for this delicious night of partying like it's 1925, in a celebration including blackjack tables and dealers, 2 DJs and 4 hours of open bar! [more]

Tickets Starting From175.00
Tickets Starting From175.00