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Washington D.C. is very unique and enchanting city. It is a place where days and nights mesh together; time never seems to stand still and is constantly going at warp speed. D.C. is a powerful place and the people that reside in this city make it that way. There is a great deal of competition and a high level of stress here in our nations capital. Along with stress comes a great desire to relieve it especially when given an appropriate environment that is pleasing to most everyones palate. This is how FUR nightclub came to be and what you are about to read will most definitely relax and excite you so much so that your stress will disappear.

As we all know there are many things to do in D.C.: good shopping, fantastic restaurants, sightseeing tours of the monuments and great museums to explore; the possibilities are endless. We are about to add one more fundamental place to that list FUR nightclub where the FUN in fundamental came about.

Lets begin with the main level, which for starters boasts a 30 foot high ceiling that makes you feel as though you are right under the open sky. This level houses the main dance floor with the most sophisticated sound and intelligent lighting system there is. This combination will provide an experience so intense that it is sure to completely remove you from the cares of your day. By far one of the most kick-ass places to party and celebrate in DC with the best VIP service and staff in the industry.

We at FUR aim to please.

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