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Fuse Nightclub Nashville

Fuse Nightclub

Fuse at Gaylord Opryland brings the excitement, sexiness and sophistication of Las Vegas to Music City but with the warmth and hospitality that only Nashville can bring.  Before Fuse, clubs this hot only existed in places like Las Vegas, LA, New York and London…but now Nashville is the city and Fuse is the place to be seen.  From the vodka locker to the fog machines; from the go-go dancers, to the daring mixologists; from the restrooms with see-thru panels to the VIP sections with cushy beds, Fuse is all about the WOW.

Fuse is an oasis of sensuality.  The dominant colors include tones of reds, complimented by a daring variety of black textures. Revelers are surrounded by the sexiest servers in Nashville and reactive imagery and high-tech lighting that help set the mood. The furniture design includes traces of urban living room where making new connections is encouraged by the strategically placed groupings and semi-private alcoves with exaggerated sofas and beds.  There are even private boxes with mini-bars for those seeking exclusive settings away from others.  VIP Concierge Service is available for the discerning clientele who desire the highest level of service and attention.  



The menus at Fuse are dramatic and delicious. The sultry finger food is cutting-edge and served in a manner that invites conversation.  Global Street Food is the inspiration behind Executive Chef Jason Kroll’s divine creations – small bites – that only require one hand leaving the other one free for…other options. The cocktail menu is adventurous and seductive. A highly-featured vodka locker contains more than 50 varieties of the drink that is included in signature beverages with unexpected twists.


In Fuse the lights, the dancers, the colors are ─ eyecandy─ the things you see. But you FEEL, you LIVE, the music. And Music City knows music.  The mix at Fuse can include the unique blend of a sexy live male percussionist performing for the crowd while the steaming-hot resident DJ Tyrus spins styles, artists and sounds into a euphoric mix of music. Fuse is built for sound with the latest technology and equipment available. The dance floor is everywhere and the DJ will respond to the crowd’s rhythm and give them the beats they crave. 


Fuse is THE place that Nashville has dreamed of, but had to take a flight to experience.  Now, Gaylord Opryland has brought it to Music City.