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Ginger62 Vancouver

If the Playboy mansion mated with a French burlesque house their love child would be Ginger62, Vancouver’s sexiest place to lounge, drink, dine, and dance. Ginger is a sophisticated, yet hip space with a dedicated room for VIP table service and sofas for those just looking to relax after a hard days work. Amidst it all, there are two beautiful bars, one wide-open, 50 feet in length, and a more private, snuggle together, back bar. On top of that, Ginger62 boasts a large dance floor to enjoy music by local live musicians and pulse-thumping beats by world-class DJs. The club’s motto: “We Do House.”

Located in prime downtown Vancouver territory, Ginger62 is a flirtatious stumble through service, music and seductive ambience. Ginger62 has been Vancouver’s foremost lounge-club for over 10 years, which makes it a nightlife staple for a couple generations of clubbers. Inspired cocktails, intimate VIP table service, provocative performers and late night body-shaking music, are some of the accolades that past partygoers have bestowed on Ginger62. Every week, patrons enjoy events like “Lipstick Jungle” and “Ginger Fridays” that push the boundaries of adult play. Which is why, when it comes to the party scene in Vancouver, Ginger62 is certain to remain a fixture for nightlife lovers and trendy club kids for years to come.

Partygoers who want to remember their night, but might not after one too many of Ginger62’s signature cocktails, can take advantage of the digital photo booth onsite. The photo booth has been described as “a must” by countless patrons. And who are you to argue with them? It is true that no matter how you choose to spend your night, destroying photo booth evidence of a naughty tryst or not, when you step into Ginger62, you step into a world of electricity and sensual mischief.

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Di2trict with Dre Morel (5/3/2014) @ Ginger62
Ginger62, Vancouver
Di2trict wMarcello, Cliff John, Tyler Johnson & Moses Musisi (4/26/2014) @ Ginger62
Ginger62, Vancouver