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Grace Hotel Indoor Pool & Lounge New York


Boasting a 22-foot heated indoor pool with a swim-up bar, the Grace Hotel is unlike any other nightclub in New York City. Where else can you find a party venue like this in TIMES SQUARE!? As the centerpiece to this immaculate hotel, the pool is surrounded by romantic and chic decor where VIP bottle service is available and the hottests guests kick back for the evening to come. Don’t have a bathing suit? The Grace sells disposable suits outside of the pool entrance, we even supply the beachballs. Just when you thought The Grace couldn’t get more sensual, head up to the third floor and take a hot shower, or enjoy the sauna and a steam room. For a truly unique party experience, bring your bathing suit and leave your inhibitions at home, The Grace Hotel New York City is here for you!

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