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Grace O’Malleys Irish Pub & Restaurant – West Ottawa


In the autumn of the year of our lord 1998 three inspired journeymen had come across an ancient Irish tradition known as the Craic

The Craic was in essence a state of mind people felt in an atmosphere that promoted great food and drink along with the warmth of laughter and Celtic music.

Although they agreed there were many fine ale houses in the capital region, the journeymen decided to introduce a pub that combined the Irish Craic with their own experiences in the spirit of hospitality.

This left them with the difficult decision of coming up with a name that would honor this unique pub.

In their research they came upon the legend of a brave warrior of the sea named Grace O’Malley. The legend represented all the strength and pride of the Irish creating the perfect name for the perfect pub.

As time passed, people started to tell the tale of Grace O’Malley’s. From near and far they came to experience first hand the mystical Craic that was soon making this pub famous in the land.

About this time the road called to one of the journeymen. As he decided to move on to tell the tale, another was taking his place. This new Irishman brought with him a refreshing blend of charm and vision. And again there were three.

Upon celebrating three years of successfully promoting the Craic, it was time to spread the tale by creating a new pub.

Although the first was a tribute to the land, it only seemed right that the second should recognize the sea. The new Grace O’Malley’s East combined all of the original mystic and charm with a hint of the Maritime.

From here the tale becomes a bit vague, so we suggest that you enjoy either of the Grace O’Malley’s and learn for yourself about the ancient tradition of the Craic.

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