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Grand Wayne Center Fort Wayne


The new Grand Wayne Convention Center opened in May 2005 with a series of high profile public events. Convention activity gears up in June …with 21 state, regional and national conventions scheduled for the second half of the year.

Stand at the new south entrance and drink in the vast public space that runs two city blocks along Jefferson Boulevard. And, where once was Harrison Street, the new main corridor which now connects the Center’s North and South entrances. The spaciousness, the natural light, the warm birch wall and ceiling paneling, and the quiet way the inside is bridged to outside with a 30 ft. tall glass curtain wall; all these wonders add up to over 30,000 square feet of public space, nearly the amount of dedicated meeting space we had in the original structure.

With 80,000 square feet of dedicated meeting space, complemented by 30,000 square feet of public areas, Indiana’s second largest convention center is ready to serve you.