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Grasshopper Houston


Grasshopper, an Amsterdam-influenced bar, is located at 506 Main St., between Prairie and Texas, Downtown Houston. The original architect of the Tudor revival style building is unknown, but the building was constructed around the 1880’s. The last known renovations to the facade of the building were in 1928. The original tenant of the building was a barber shop. Then around 1917, a lunch counter became the new tenants. After some time, Barringer-Norton, fine men’s clothes, moved into the space and eventually changed its name to Norton Ditto. Zales Jewelers moved in and took over the building in the 1930’s. The building has been vacant since the mid 1980s. Houston’s famous architect Isaac Preminger was chosen to breathe new life into the 120-year-old building. The owner’s have gone to great lengths to renovate the historic building into something truly unique.

The first floor’s long, flowing bar is constructed of a granite top with a floating glass overlay. Beautiful, antique, gold mosaic, border artwork, dating back to 1917, is at eye level around the entire length of the first floor. Cozy banquettes are built along the wall with low cocktail tables.

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Valentines Day Affair Fire & Ice (2/14/2006) @ Grasshopper
Grasshopper, Downtown Midtown Houston