United States: 612-314-8055

Great Sun Bar & Restaurant Minneapolis


Mon – Sun: 4:00 pm – 2:00 am

Here at The Great Sun Collective, where substance is not an option, kindred spirits unite in joy and roam the open plains of the soul. Freedom, the only source and cause to fight and die for is here cherished and espoused as the eternal philosophy…along with Pepper Steak w Onion and other blissful dishes for the tastebuds. Oh, and beer is 3 bucks during happy hour………

Monday – Hip Hop & Open Mic
Tuesday – Reggae/Dancehall (LAVA TUESDAYS)
Wednesday – Country, Folk live band
Thursday – House and Techno (Blaklite – www.blaklite.net)
Friday – House and Techno (Mojo)
Saturday – Reggae (SELEKTAS CHOICE)
Sunday – Country, Folk live band