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Greater Flint Arts Coucil Detroit


We work with artists of all diciplines and help them launch and sustain their careers. Our monthly newsletter features exhibit and performance opportunities, access to grants, interesting websites, community events, and discounted supplies and services. Greater Flint Arts Council also assists small grass roots arts agencies and large established arts agencies by providing rehearsal, storage and meeting space, loaned equipment, publicity, consulting services, mailing lists, and fundraising expertise. We also help link agencies together to partner and collaborate on various projects. Our Parade of Festivals Program jointly markets 15 festivals, several produced by the Greater Flint Arts Council, attracting tens of thousands of people to Flint each year. We have also been a big part of the downtown redevelopment efforts in Flint. Arts and culture can impact communities economically, as they contribute millions to our area economy, create jobs, and attract businesses to our vibrant and diverse community.