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Guys North Los Angeles


“Formerly the exclusive domain of suburban moms, Studio City now has a hot nightlife scene anchored by this sleek, Hollywood-style club, with enough high-tech bells and whistles to convince even the most A-list scenesters to party on the opposite side of the hill.

Though Guy’s North is an offshoot of Guy’s in West Hollywood, its hopped-up décor looks nothing like the original. Instead of straightforward black walls and couches, North looks like a bachelor pad out of MTV’s “Cribs,” with a 12-foot-wide TV, several flat-screen TVs, a THX sound system, pool tables, backlit tables, dark brown couches and a patio with a view—albeit a view of the suburban shops across the street. Perhaps the sleek style is owner Guy Starkman’s way of holding onto his youth: The former modelizer is now married to model-actress Cindy Margolis and lives in the Valley with their children. Starkman is also the heir to the Jerry’s Famous Deli empire, which explains why he built North above the restaurant’s east Valley location. The deli cures 2am munchies and is also available to cater wrap parties for the 10,000-square-foot venue, which can accommodate 600 people. (“CSI” had its holiday party here in 2005; Eva Longoria rented out the venue for her Golden Globes viewing party soon after.) It’s also available for bar and bat mitzvahs and the two dance floors give club kids and MILFS separate spaces to act out the lyrics of “YMCA.” On Friday and Saturday nights, however, the domain belongs exclusively to girls in skimpy dresses and dudes with fauxhawks, proving Hollywood’s not that far away.

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Atmosphere: Trendy

Celebrity Factor: Travis Barker and DJ AM performed together at the opening party.

Parking: Valet, lot”

Description courtesy of LA.com


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