United Kingdom: 323-604-6030

Ha! Ha! Bar London


Ha! Ha! is dedicated to bringing honesty and informality to food and drink with homemade food in comfortable, design led surroundings.

Fresh, premium ingredients are the key to our mouth watering dishes and all Ha! Ha! cuisine is prepared when you order and without the use of microwaves. What’s more, our open plan kitchens allow you to see and smell your delicacies as they are being cooked!

We offer an array of classic drinks as well as quirky cocktails, served at their best.

At Ha! Ha! the coffee machine is always on. We use a great quality arabica bean, double roasted and freshly ground. It’s so good, you’ll be hankering after a second cup!

We also sell Ha! Ha! Trading – a tasty range of own label merchandise, all products are stylishly packaged to look good in even the most designer kitchens! Everything from yellow devil sauce to real leather aprons, from curried parsnip crisps to antique butcher’s blocks!

We employ people for their passion and personality as well as their ability and attitude. Our people – staff, managers and customers alike – are what really make Ha! Ha! special.

Ha! Ha! is … honest, quirky, gutsy, in touch, well behaved fun and for everyday. Each venue has its very own unique design and atmosphere.