Halifax Metro Centre

Halifax Metro Centre


In the heart of Nova Scotia. Halifax Metro Centre is the premier venue for every major entertainment and sports event in Atlantic Canada. A 10,000-seat multi-purpose facility drawing a yearly audience of 600,000 to everything from hockey and basketball to concerts and family shows. In North America, a normal indoor facility may host 70 event nights a year. At Halifax Metro Centre, we do over 200!


The overwhelming majority of these events are cornerstones of community and family entertainment. Perennial hits that bring Nova Scotians back to Halifax Metro Centre time and time again. Some shows have a regional flavour. Others have national and international profiles. All are distinguished by excellent production and entertainment value. Halifax Metro Centre creates all sorts of opportunities to keep ourselves-and our sponsors--in the public eye. Our annual media exposure is valued at nearly $1 million. Locally, you'll find our advertising in every daily newspaper and on every major market television and radio station. _________________________________________________

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