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HALO Charlotte


Halo gets back to Club Basics, It”s Saturday Night and chances are you”re navigating the construction zones and cones, the escalators and the velvet ropes, the parking attendants and lines at the door, the bar and the bathroom. A weekend on the town should be about relaxing. A little less uptown and a little more downtown! Halo has revived a forgotten time when nightclubs were a little edgy, a little hard to find, and the dance floor was packed with a diverse group of dance music lovers. Focusing on sound, lights, and sleek lines full of welcoming comfort, Halo owner Jim McKinney was determined to open a dance club that dropped the pretentious attitude and concentrated on making customers feel at home. No lines to wait in, no stairs to climb and no precarious levels to navigate. The club offers banquette seating that rings the dance floor, high cocktail tables, and plenty of comfortable couches where conversations can happen, and do. Even while the dance floor is pulsing. Need to take five? the patio”s waiting with fresh air, stars, sculptural planters, and modern seating that takes center stage, but the outdoor bar gets plenty of attention too! So when uptown becomes a little too predictable there”s still plenty of downtown left to explore off Graham street. Free parking, a smiling and welcoming staff, a beautifully turned out modern space, and a devotion to dance music sets this club apart from the velvet ropes and the manufactured cool that pervades Uptown. Welcome to the NC Music Factory. Welcome to Halo!