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Hearth New York

Welcome to Hearth Restaurant, located in Manhattan’s East Village. Our food is rooted in the modern traditions of the American kitchen with influences from our Italian heritage. Our wine program is equally modern but finds inspiration in the strangest places.

Most important to us is our expression of hospitality. The hearth is the home and we take this sentiment to heart, aspiring in all manner of ways to exceed expectations

Hearth sets itself apart in the restaurant world with its food and wine selections, service, commitment to hospitality and overall value.

After years of working for and alongside famed New York restaurateur Danny Meyer, who has achieved wide renown for his concept of enlightened hospitality, both Marco and Paul understand the importance of hospitality as part of the guest experience.

While a guest might visit a restaurant for a specific dish, rave about a certain bottle of wine, or love the soft glow from the lights in the dining room, it is important that they feel taken care of and that their needs have been met and exceeded… that someone listened to them and understood them. The guests must feel that the employees of Hearth are on their side, acting as their advocates for the evening. This type of hospitality is a key component of the Hearth experience.

While some may confuse hospitality with good service, they are vitally different. Good service ensures that food arrives on time, that one has the correct flatware with which to eat one’s meal, that finished plates are cleared properly and discreetly, that an appropriate glass is offered to enjoy the wine, and finally that the check arrives when asked for and that it is correct. While correct service will be offered, it will not supplant hospitality. Hospitality ensures that ALL the needs of the guest have been met and exceeded.

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