Hed Kandi Lounge

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Hed Kandi Lounge Welcome to the first Hed Kandi Gastro Lounge & Musik Lab in the U.S.! The world’s most exclusive lounge is now in Miami. A venue that has a destiny to provide great pleasure and an ambiance that is like no other ever experienced. Hed Kandi has the world’s best DJs providing the best music and this country’s top chefs providing the most innovative molecular foods never experienced before in the same venue. Our music system and lighting are state of the art and are in a category of its own along with our music from world known Hed Kandi. Our food is also the first of its kind in Miami. The food is all molecular gastronomy using special kitchen equipment such as liquid nitrogen and helium tanks. The fusion of amazing music and innovative food is what makes Hed Kandi Gastro Lounge & Musik Lab Miami the most anticipated lounge in history. Come and experience what very few have!