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Helen Gardiner Phelan Playhouse Toronto

The Drama Program (Specialist, Major, Minor) offers students the opportunity to combine high standards of practical, professional theatre training with a rich and rigorous academic program. It offers courses in dramatic literature, dramaturgy, theatre and performance theory and history, acting, production, design, and directing, and puts a strong emphasis on the interrelation between the academic and the practical aspects of the theatre studies. Working towards an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree, students are required to take a complementary combination of courses resulting in broad knowledge of the field as a whole. The Combined Specialist programs in English and Drama also provides a specialist alternative to Drama alone, while a Drama Major or Minor may be valuably combined with programs in a wide variety of other fields, as offered both by language and literature departments and other departments and pro-grams such as Anthropology, Canadian Studies, Cinema Studies, Classics, Commerce, Fine Art, History, Music, Psychology, Religion, Sociology, and Women’s Studies.

The Drama Program is housed in the Helen Gardiner Phelan Playhouse at University College. Besides providing instruction in theatre studies, the Drama Program has mounted international theatrical events and conferences, and its students have toured Europe and Asia. The Program has also forged links with leading Canadian theatres and has regular contact with world-renowned international theatre artists.
Drama courses are staffed by a combination of theatre professionals, members of other university departments, and specific Drama staff members. Some courses are restricted to students in a Drama Specialist , Major , or Combined Specialist program; some are open to all students of the University. The program’s flexibility allows students to select from a group of courses those in which they are most interested. Class sizes are kept small, so students receive individual focus and attention. Acceptance into practical courses (performance, production, design) is based on an audition and/or interview. Students must audition each year for acceptance into the next level of performance classes.

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