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Hibashi Sushi Bar and Lounge Dallas


Hibashi Sushi Bar and Lounge
Hibashi combines the drama of at-the-table Hibashi grilling, world-class artistry of sushi and high-energy entertainment of a Las Vegas-style bar.

Choose from an array of full-flavor recipes, including amazing cuisine prepared at one of 14 show-stopping Hibashi grills throughout the restaurant.
Sushi lovers select from more than 50 recipes of the freshest sushi at the 40-foot Sushi Bar, featuring the finest fish and seafood from oceans and streams around the globe.

Under the direction of Chef Kenny and Chef Kuma,the modern Sushi roll is taken to palate-pleasing extremes.Chef Kuma delights in creating original rolls with the flavors of Asia and America, inspiring the creation of original sauces to complement and enhance the tastes.
Be sure to try the White Dragon Roll; Spicy Tuna, Fried Shrimp and cucumber topped with Super White Tuna.

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