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Home   Home is a welcome addition to Chelsea on West 27th Street.’s high-powered nightlife and promises to be a place where New York’s elite will hang their hats. The space designed by Steve Lewis Design (Marquee, Butter and Spa), and Antonio Di Oronzo (Bluarch Architecture and Interiors), is a powerful blend of comfort and style with a touch of smoldering decadence. Home’s warm and sexy interior makes our discriminating partygoer feel at ease in this open space of rich materials and beautiful design. Upon entering Home, guests are treated to a dark red wooden candle-lined staircase; a series of mirrors on the ceiling compliment the six-foot custom made red Swarovski crystal chandelier and the handpainted Damask print on the walls in a rich red palette will catch your attention. The open and sensual environment of the club has banquette seating on the eastern and western walls and L-shaped benches in the center. Three existing brick walls were left exposed to convey a warm familiarity. The hardwood floors are dyed red, emphasizing the striking texture of the aged materials. The seating is upholstered in fine black tufted leather and trimmed in white. The tufted leather ceiling houses six black crystal chandeliers descending from recessed cases veneered with black mirrors. Homes design incorporates all the elements of a world-class venue with the luxuries of a premiere nightclub, 30 private tables, music by top Otis and VIP memberships combined with a sophisticated bordello-esque red, white, and black atmosphere, plush couches, crystal chandeliers, tufted leather lined ceilings a 35-foot bar and an outside smoking lawn. Every detail was carefully designed to service to our clientele’s every whim in complete luxury. If the discerning door-people don't hint that this home is hip, the ascent up a front staircase will, with a stunning crystal chandelier, mirrors, and heavy entry curtain at the pinnacle. Reminiscent of a rock star's sleek, gothic living room, the red-lit club is jacketed in tight black leather, from the ceiling to the maze of backless banquettes. Tall, leggy women abound, while men are in shorter supply. Hip-hop, rock and '80s anthems enter the loud, swiftly changing mix that keeps dance partners rotating all night. Clusters of couches occupy the spacious should-be-a-dance-floor center, so when it's packed the walkways get blocked by grooving twosomes and threesomes. But it's all in drunken fun to overstep an ottoman and attach to that group popping open the bubbly. On slower nights, more time is taken lounging with competent bartenders' fruity cocktails, like the sweet peach melba martini of Chambord, peach vodka and pink lemonade.