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 Just about everyone at some point has screamed: “I Love College” whether you attended the local rivals of Mizzou or KU, or not. For Asher Paul Roth, it’s not just a scream it’s a mentality and quite possibly, a way of life. Roth’s single “I Love College”, which is on his debut album Asleep in the Bread Aisle, has been streamed more than 48 million times through his MySpace page and has sold over 136,693 copies. These larger-then-life numbers are helping to make Roth a self proclaimed “child of hip hop” and better yet, a household name.

It’s not surprising then that MTV would accept and support Roth who is currently signed by a powerful joint venture of Scooter Braun’s Schoolboy Music (an Atlanta-based promoter and former VP of Marketing for Jermaine Dupri’s So So Def record label) and Steve Rifkind’s (chairman of SRC/Universal Records) SRC Records, or that HOME Nightclub, one of the largest celebrity and performance driven location spots in St. Louis, would step up to have Roth perform during the All Star Game Weekend in St. Louis on July 11th.


Roth’s straightforward depictions of the “typical” suburban life has brought millions back to reality with a new and refreshed sense of being. Many have compared Roth to famed rapper Eminem, who is known as the greatest white rapper of all time. Roth maintains that the two rappers are just different artists that fall under the same genre of music however because of the comparisons he did write a track on his album called, “ As I Em.”


“I was always from the outside looking in," says Roth. "Hip-hop has always been very influential in the ‘burbs, [but] it’s just a matter of where we could relate to it,”.


Listeners everywhere are catching on to this rising idol and during All Star Week you can be one of the first to see him for his live acts in St. Louis. This will be yet another impressive  performance and evening for HOME Nightclub and St. Louis.