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Horseshoe Tavern Toronto

The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern is closing in on its 52nd anniversary as a live music venue. Originally known as a Country Roots n’ Rockabilly Music Tavern, The ‘Shoe welcomed Blues and Folk in the ‘60s, Reggae, Mod Rock, and Punk in the ‘70s, New Wave and Alt Pop in the ‘80s, and everything from Ska, Surf, Swing, Celtic, No Depression Folk, Insurgent Country, Cow-Punk, and Alternative Modern Rock in the ‘90s.

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Horseshoe Tavern 70th Birthday Celebration! Rheostatics May 24 - 27 8:30PM / 19+ Tickets for all 4 shows on sale now! May 24 - May 25 - May 26 - May 27 - [more]