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Hot Box Cafe Toronto

The HotBox cafe is Torontos first and only pot positive cafe. We promote the normalization of marijuana. Proving to Canada and the world that cannabis consumers are not a threat to society. They do not undergo Reefer madness from smoking a joint or crumble societies threads. We provide a safe and relaxing environment suitable to anyone 18+. We do have a set of rules that we ask our patrons to abide by in order to make everyones time more enjoyable and safe. Unfortunately Canadian law prohibits us from selling cannabis, so the HotBox is BYOP (bring your own pot). Cannabis is still illegal in Canada, so you are responsible for your own adult decision to smoke cannabis.

We believe in the normalization of cannabis and in every potheads right to come out of the grow closet and not be ashamed of themselves or their lifestyle choices. Please treat our space, customers and hemployees with respect.

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