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Don't come to HOUSE if your looking for a traditional nightclub, a boring night, or are uncomfortable with new experiences. If your looking for a night to remember, in an unexpected place, and are not afraid to discover the naughty little secrets in the corners of your mind, then peek through the keyhole, and knock on HOUSE's door.

HOUSE is a fully integrated concept nightclub based on the idea that there's no place like home. Created to stimulate your senses, this sophisticated and ultra modern nightclub is first and foremost a home. HOUSE is not just any club or home, but literally a HOUSE of the future. This groundbreaking evolution of the nightlife experience has the foundation of a HOUSE with 360 degree architectural mapping, 3D panoramic projections, forgscreen, and holographic technology. Visual elements never used in a nightclub environment, or outside the confines of a theme park. This allows HOUSE to be an ever-changing and ever- evolving space, the HOUSE party of the future.

Nightlife impresario Mark Lowe, the man behind Living Room Fort Lauderdale, and designer of 13 nightclubs worldwide, in association with Glass House Productions, are bringing their vision to Miami.

This has been a 6 year journey for me as an idea and concept. I want EVERYONE to come to a place where they immediately feel connected and welcome. HOUSE is a free state of mind, and sensual experience. Be yourself and anything can happen. I am proud to be the first nightclub opening in the Wynwood Arts District of Miami, there's a hunger and edginess in the area that mirrors the artistic vision of HOUSE. We are first and foremost a performance space, art is organic, and happens at any given moment, so expect the unexpected, and leave your inhibitions at the door.

At the end of the day HOUSE was created for you. We all need a place to come home to, an environment where EVERYONE feels welcome, connected, and inspired. That is the true vision and foundation of this HOUSE.


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HOUSE Nightclub, 1915 NW Miami CT Miam, FL, Miami, Florida United States Miami Florida United States | show on map

This Friday we celebrate our first anniversary in HOUSE style. We proudly present the launch of the 2016 Platinum key. This key is microchipped and specifically tailored to your tastes, likes, and of course DESIRES. Platinum keys are limited so arrive early, and get yours. The Silver Party is a 7 year tradition celebrating the birthday of HOUSE [more]

HOUSE Nightclub, 1915 NW Miami CT Miam, FL, Miami, Florida United States Miami Florida United States | show on map

This Saturday we celebrate the first Anniversary of HOUSE Miami with the SILVER PARTY. The SILVER PARTY is a 7 year tradition celebrating HOUSE creator Mark Lowe and his 107th birthday. Mark is releasing the 2016 Platinum HOUSE key as his gift to you. The Platinum HOUSE key is microchipped to you specifically with your likes, tastes, and of [more]