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House of Blues – Atlantic City


House of Blues – Atlantic City

Atlantic City Foundation Room

The Atlantic City Foundation Room will provide a truly unique setting for entertaining. Members will enjoy a fireside lounge, sacred prayer rooms, elegant dining, and live entertainment, all of which will create the most exciting and unrivaled atmosphere in Atlantic City.

Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and the world-famous Atlantic City Boardwalk, the Foundation Room Lounge is a unique synthesis of luxury and vibrant energy. Velvet seating adorned in colorful jewel-tones, global art and architectural artifacts, an extensive wine list, premium bar selections and music and entertainment work together to create an eclectic atmosphere in Atlantic Citys most unique and enticing room. The Raja room (media room) is available for viewing of live concert and sporting events.

Prayer Rooms
Members who are seeking a more intimate space within the Atlantic City Foundation Room, may retire to one of four Prayer Rooms. The Shiva and Buddha rooms feature Asian artifacts and statues wit hand-carved wall mountings and doors. The Ganesh room features a Hindu alter to the Elephant-headed God and East Indian artifacts. The Oba room is the first African-styled Prayer room, and includes statues, ceremonial masks and walls adorned with mud-cloths from Mali. Each Prayer Room can be used as an exclusive hang out or private dining space for approximately 8 guests.

Dining Room
Our fine dining room showcases a progressive American menu encompassing influences from the American south, which are blended with the exciting flavors of the Pacific Rim. Exotic, tantalizing and unique culinary offerings are complemented by the eclectic setting of 19th century French carved mahogany, Oriental carpets and intimate booths.

Private Dining Room
Durga is a private dining room available for 12-15 guests. Adorned with mahogany walls and East-Indian decor, Durga is the most exclusive table in Atlantic City.