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Hydrate Nightclub Chicago

Hydrate Nightclub

Hydrate offers full bar service, featuring a variety of drinks competitively priced with other popular Halsted Street establishments. Customers can look forward to plenty of drink specials, frozen cocktails (the ever-popular Absolut Kurant Crush will return to Halsted Street), delicious martinis and assorted bottled and tap beers. Thirsty club-goers can plan to leave Hydrate quenched and wanting more! Hydrate breaks into two atmospheres: first, a cool blue design with large windows opening to both Halsted and Cornelia provides patrons with a breezy atmosphere for the early hours. Hydrate’s second room reflects a more fiery personality: the bright red dcor accentuates the unique, freeform dance space illuminated by intelligent lighting and bolstered by a powerful sound system. The windows in Hydrate’s second room also open up to Halsted for early hours customers. As the evening progresses, the glass-windowed garage doors roll down to seal in the sound, creating a full-on late-night club environment. A sound shield will further insulate the club when it is dropped in front of the clear windows to insulate the neighborhood from late-night sounds. Hydrate will be keeping Halsted Street cool all summer! Our awnings feature a light misting system that sprays onto the sidewalk below. Upon walking into Hydrate, guests are greeted by a wall-mounted waterfall that sets the tone for the first room. Hydrate is Chicago’s first club designed with internal misters over its dance floor to keep our guests Hydrated as the night heats up! For more information, visit http://www.hydratechicago.com

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