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I-Bar Las Vegas

“Envision, if you will, the new breed of unadulterated cocktailing. Quiet and upscale. Loud and edgy. Classy and casual. Indulge in VIP bottle service while allowing yourself to be pampered by knowledgeable mixologists. Flair bartenders will concoct a specialty cocktail while you enjoy a stylish performance by the IBar waitresses themselves! 360-degree plasma screens pulse to the beats of soulful house and down tempo flavors of the world; throbbing harder and spiraling faster as the night progresses. Patrons, and staff alike, arrest the senses and captivate the imagination while sophisticated cocktailing and club service take center stage in a breathtaking, eclectic fusion of sight, sound and vision. Come have a drink… stay awhile and have a bottle… purge your inhibitions and have an experience.”

Hours: Opens at 12 p.m. Monday-Friday, 11 a.m. Saturday – Sunday. Closes at 2 a.m. Sunday – Thursday, 3 a.m. Friday – Saturday.

Average drink price: 
$6 – $12. Packages include:

I-Bar front of line package: $35 (Sunday – Thursday), $45 (Friday-Saturday). Start the night out right with two specialty drinks at I-Bar and then receive front-of-the-line admission to VooDoo.

I-Bar open bar package: $40 (Nightly). Includes an open bar at I-Bar. The open bar at I-Bar includes domestic and imported beer, wine, basic liquors
(SKYY and LEVEL vodka, Cruzan rum, Salsa tequila, Jack Daniels and Crown Royal whiskey and bourbon and Hennessey cognac),
bottled water, soda and juice. Does not include Red Bull.

I-Bar VIP Package 1: $155 (Sunday – Thursday), $195 (Friday-Saturday). Start the night out right with a table for four and a bottle of Moet at
I-Bar, followed by front of the line admission at VooDoo. Includes tax and gratuity.

I-Bar VIP Package 2: $295 (Nightly). Start the night out right with a table for four and a bottle of LEVEL vodka at I-Bar, followed by front of
the line admission at VooDoo. Includes tax and gratuity.

2007 Tailgate Buffet Super Party: $100. For Feb. 4, 2007 only. Enjoy an all-you-can eat buffet while enjoying a visual experience you will never forget. Alluring
I-girls perform and striking flair bartenders entertain and concoct specialty drinks.

Payment info: Cash, all major credit cards.

Parking: Parking located in garages at the front and rear of the Rio hotel-casino. Valet parking at the Rio.

Occupancy: I-Bar seats 100 people; maximum occupancy of the lounge is 250.

Special events: 

Source: vegas.com


Located in the center of the Rio’s main casino pit, I-Bar is a unique venue with refined sophistication and subtle allure. The bar’s décor is a celebration of its namesake, Ipanema in Rio de Janeiro. It combines natural elements of earth, rock and water with stunning lighting and sleek lines, setting the tone for this upscale lounge.

In addition to offering a full bar, I-Bar features 12 signature cocktails, sporting such tantalizing names as Tropical Hypnosis, Peachy Keen, Exotic Spice and Passion Pulse. Each sophisticated cocktail will feature an intricate, whimsical garnish, handmade with exotic fruits, tailored to accent each drink as a pair of stylish shoes complements a beautiful outfit.

I-Bar also features its beautiful I-Girls. Each of these 10 models is adorned in an exquisite flesh-colored costume, trained to move with the rhythmic sounds of I-Bar. More than just eye candy, the I-Girls are trained mixologists and ambassadors of the Rio, providing cocktail and bottle service upon request.

I-Bar’s mood changes with the various times of the day. It opens with an embrace of Las Vegas history with an extensive mix of Rat Pack-style tunes and a display of iconic Las Vegas images on the surrounding flat screens.

In the early evening, the mood shifts with an exhibit of natural images and a move toward down-tempo, chill-out, rare groove music, sprinkled with recognizable artists such as Jamiroquai and Moby, along with house remixes of Aretha Franklin and Dinah Washington — described as soulful house with a world flavor.

As the sky darkens, a sensual collage of erotic imagery surrounds guests, and the music shifts to the sounds of up-beats and lounge-style house.

Source: PJ Perez at vegas.com

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