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Ibiza West Palm Beach



IBIZA is the club to go to in West Palm Beach. The ladies are HOT the guys are HOT and the music is HOT, what more do you need to make a HOT CLUB?.
At Ibiza you have a real mixed live crowd that lives it up as if it is the last night to party. The DJ spins the best in Latin Dance, Reggaeton, Hip Hop, fuller, more hyped and exciting as the night goes on. Every night is an exprience like no other. IBIZA is the place to be if you really want to party and have fun!.

Club IBIZA Nightclub and Insomnia (euro) Lounge is one of the hottest upscale latin clubs in West Palm Beach. At IBIZA you can expect to hear the DJ playing a little bit of everything from Paulina Rubio to Black Eyed Pea House Remix.

Dress code is strictly enforced, guys fitted pant, shoes and a nice shirt. Ladies just come lookingsexy. Ibiza has multiple full size bars that is just as bumpin as the dance floor. You have ladies dancing on the bar having a good time as well dancing on the floor, poles, and there owwww so hot stage WHAT A STAGE? Yes a STAGE, Ibiza has a hot stage which open to any sexy individual who wants to show what he/she gots. Every night its 18 and up. Register to get VIP reservations which will get you total club status due to IBIZA world famous bottles service which consist of fireworks attacked to the bottle…HOT!