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Ice Bar New York



This slick lounge is as bewilderingly out of place and as blindingly bright as the space shuttle from Close Encounters of the Third Kind. There’s just as much technology aboard, too: In the long narrow area up front, the glossy walls resemble an iPod and a remote control gadget is used to adjust the hue of the onyx bar; in the boxy bottle-service lounge beyond, German-engineered wall panels alternately simulate a frenzied lightbox floor or throb in intensity in cue with the DJ’s mix of house and party music. Even the champagne buckets glow. Although the bottom shelf vodka here is Grey Goose, the prices aren’t scandalous – check out the 1/2-off happy hour. A few palm trees and gauze curtains nod to South Beach, while the Johnnie Walker keeps the colors coming: Red, Black, Gold, and Blue.

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