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Il Giardino Vancouver

Though it sits in the heart of bustling downtown Vancouver, the natural, yet elegant decor, and home like atmosphere makes “Il Giardino” the perfect place to relax, and enjoy your dining experience.

Antipasto, of course, as in any good Italian home, is a must to begin your meal, and is always made from the freshest of ingredients. “If it is harvested today, it is eaten today”. Whether your meal is prepared in the extensive kitchens of Il Giardino, or on the patio in the clay ovens, you will experience the flavour of Italy.

“IL Giardino-The city’s longtime Tuscan standard-bearer has rebounded to the top of the class again. Owner Umberto Menghi pulls crowds to the city’s prettiest garden patio with salmon carpaccio mediorente and a thick chop of grilled provini veal in a rosemary-accented wine jus. GM Bobby Copiak is one of the city’s best and won a Premier Crew service award this year to prove it. Fabulous patio pulls very pretty crowd, many tongue in chic.”

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