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Illusions Dining & Entertainment (Grand Ballroom) San Jose

Club Illusions can be rented out for your own private club event. We provide all bar staff, floor staff, licensed, professional security, DJs, set up and clean up. We can also accommodate live bands. Club Illusions staff is professional, courteous and enjoys helping to make any event as fun and successful as possible. Call our club manager today for rates, dates and to help plan your next dance event from a small group of 50 to a big club party!

VIP areas for Bottle service that can be arranged to accommodate multiple floor plans for up to 850 persons for dance functions.

Mezzanine level VIP Bar Area can accommodate up to 40 people
Sky Ultra lounge VIP area can accommodate up to 24 people
Full Catering capabilities for sit-down Dining up to 240 people in club. 300-450 using all rooms and/or tenting (custom packages available upon request)
Private dressing room/restroom for dancers, artist, talent.
Large green room available for dancers, artists, bands, talent.
Large Main Dance Floor
3 Full Service Bars
2 rooms (1 room for 2nd format)
3 Dance Floors
DJ Booth 2 Technic 1200 turntables, 2 Pioneer CDJ 1000 CD turntables, Rane MP 44 Mixer, Dual AKG Wireless Microphones, JBL EON 15 500 Booth Monitor system
Sound System EAW & Crest Audio 14 speaker double corner system with 6 Big Bass cabinets with EAW tops and bottoms, Crest Audio amplifiers.
2 27 TV’s over bar for custom visuals to display any logo/brand
Canon LCD front projector – 102″ Movie screen single Channel available for custom visuals
VHS/DVD/VCD player
VGA, Component or S-Video input for laptop connectivity
Bar LED Halo color strings on inside and outside of bars
40″ glass mirror ball and 1rpm motor with 2 white Pin spots.

6 Track Spot on circular ring over dance floor with 16 pre-programmed settings and 4 random modes. This unit can be lowered or raised for desired effect.

1 Tempest 3000 7 Light sound activated multiple mirrored dance light
4 H20 effects inverted lighting systems
4 Agressor lighting system
3 Rainbow color lighting system
9 Strobe lights with full effects board
2 Siren lights

4 GoBo Lights for rear club area

48 channels light mixer for Full stage par can lighting and dance floor spots.