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Impala San Francisco


Where it’s happening every night. Where the tap-tap of the castanets gives way to the sultry salsa sounds of marimbo merengue. Where the tequila choices outnumber Ixtapa taxis and cervezas flow like the Veracruz current. Where Mexi-luxe scents of ancho chilli chipotle waft and mingle among an afterwork hip-set watering their mouths on flavours from Sonora to the Yucatan. Where eyes are aroused as much as taste buds. Where authentic wrought iron and imported woods transport you South of the border. And where great food, groovy tunes and good times are always guaranteed.

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New Years Eve 2010 @ Impala (12/31/2009) @ Impala
Impala, San Francisco
Mixture (4/25/2009) @ Impala
Impala, San Francisco