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Itadaki Boston


Yujin Kawakami-Hess and Lena Kikuchi wanted to create a place where Bostonians could appreciate the Japanese culture – whether it be outstanding food, phenomenal drinks, exceptional hospitality, or refined art. They’ve used their multicultural Japanese and American background to set the stage for a trendy and modern Japanese restaurant, where customers can enjoy and learn more about Japan and its cuisine.

Itadaki, the name of this restaurant, is the shortened form of Itadakimasu, which in Japanese, is the equivalent of bon apptit! Itadaki also means the “peak” as in the summit of a mountain, as well as to win as in to win this race. We consider this name to be very lucky!

True to our origins, Itadaki, like Japane One main purpose at Itadaki is to bring the spirit of Japanese hospitality to the restaurant. This means attention to detail, efficiency, as well as genuine and personalized service. We believe that communication is paramount to good service hence, we have hired and trained American service professionals (who are well versed in Japanese food and liquor!).

We would like our restaurant to be a place to introduce different aspects of Japan’s culture – art being one of them. Hence, we have on display and for sale, various works of art by different Japanese artists.

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