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JandM Cafe and Cardroom Seattle


This beautiful building has been here since 1898. It served as a gambling and dancing establishment for the men of the gold rush days. The hotel above is now closed, but once served as a place of “entertainment” for these same men. There are many photographs around the interior that reflect the years past. You will find the likeness of John Wayne standing at the bar while he was filming the movie McQ here in Seattle. There is also a pedal taxi that Elvis rode in the movie It Happened at the World’s Fair.
The owners and management of the J&M Café and Cardroom have worked hard together to preserve the bar and restaurant’s character and history. The ceiling is pressed tin, originally installed in 1901 by Italian craftsmen. The bar-back is made of Austrian mahogany, which was transported around the Cape in the late 1890s and has adorned the Café’s walls ever since.