Jannus Live


Jannus Live

Jannus Live, an outdoor concert venue in downtown St. Petersburg, hosts an eclectic array of touring talent as well as DJs, local acts and other events. All shows go on rain or shine, although a significant portion of the courtyard is covered from the elements. But thats not important because we cut some deals to assure that itll never rain during a Jannus Live event.

It may not quite be the eighth wonder of the world, but Jannus Live sure is wonderful. Once a run-down (but beloved) courtyard venue in downtown St. Pete has been thoroughly overhauled and packed with amenities without sacrificing its rustic charm.

Jannus Live currently has an estimated capacity of 2,000.

In addition to a vibrant new multi-color scheme, new stucco, reinforced railings and shiny new fixtures throughout, Jannus Live includes these new features:

* A resurfaced and leveled floor, providing concertgoers a safer environment.
* A wrought-iron stage housing, 32 feet high, including a waterproof covering that protects the stage and a portion of the courtyard.
* A state-of-the-art in-house sound and light system.
* Indoor, air-conditioned restrooms: 27 womens stalls; a roomy mens room with urinals and stalls.
* A full patio bar in the courtyards back corner, augmented by several mobile bar stations situated strategically throughout the venue. Patrons can obtain a libation with a minimum of wait (or walk).
* A completely facelifted balcony area that can accommodate more than 200 fans. This VIP area includes 6 private VIP suites and single-ticket VIP access with a wristband. The upstairs area includes a separate bar and plush restrooms. An enlarged party deck in the back has been expanded, leveled and cleaned up.
* A floor level VIP area, the Captain Morgan Koi Pond, a party deck with excellent sightlines. A pool stocked with large, colorful Koi fish is covered with Plexi-Glass, making it one of the most unique dancefloors anywhere.
* Coming soon to the VIP balcony: a roomy lounge with a full bar. THis XO room will stay open after shows, operating as a nightclub/hangout/peformance space.

For the Artists

* A two-story sound and light house that provides cover for equipment and vantage points for spotlights.
* A permanent stage, which can be tightly covered, protecting against the elements.
* A remodeled condominium provides a homey refuge for headliners. The roomy space includes all the amenities.
* A three-room Green Suite provides a comfortable spot for meet-and-greets and a dressing rooms for opening acts.