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Jazzland Cafe Jacksonville

Jazzland is Jazz at its finest! Now close enough to touch. Youll see the astonishing musicians of this original art form smile, sweat and grimace, in pursuit of that killing phrase. Jazzland is everything a jazz club should be. Dim, intimate, intense and hazy, with good acoustics.

Weekends offer jazz performances each night. A wide variety of Jazz styles and musicians… and all Top Notch! So if it’s a Tuesday, its Jam Session time; Wednesday, join us for Jazz Cabaret Night; Thursday, thrill to hot and dazzling latin Jazz; Friday and Saturday night, be inspired by outstanding Jazz Musicians! If you’re in Jacksonville and you want to experience live jazz played well in a great jazz venue, duck into this sensational, new Jazz Room for some great music. Dont mind coming alone. Jazzland is a super way to meet new and old friends and a cool way to spend an evening! A happy, friendly crowd is waiting to welcome you to Jazzland …where great musicians play!